Wednesday , May 18 2022

Tumblr prohibits the sharing of adult material by the user


A well-known microblog platform Tumblr On Monday it announced on Monday that users will share adult content.

By means of an expression, they have determined that this categorization is "Photos, videos or GIFs show real genitals or women showing nipples, as well as pictures, videos, GIFs and illustrations that reflect sexual activity."

Tumblr, breastfeeding, exemption from photos provided by anyone associated with a baby or health issue.

In addition, the content will be erotic written, as well as sculptures naked.


On the other hand, the platform will contact those who have shared adult material. These publications will be visible to the only person uploaded.

It should be noted that users may also post new releases that they may publish, which they believe do not respect this new rule.

He quickly adapted to social networks, where jokes and memes appeared inevitable.

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