Wednesday , October 20 2021

TVN assures society that it does not renew its contract with the most important actors


After a bad year TVNThey are approaching and approaching dramatic fieldThere is no approved project The contractor is evaluating the decision to renew contracts with emblematic actors.

According to this Third, the national channel will continue Amparo Noguera worked with the same strategy After 20 years, he disassociated himself. I like the actor Alejandra Fosalba, Carolina Arregui, Marcelo Alonso, Jorge Arecheta, Delfina Guzman, Elisa Zulueta, Josefina Fiebelkorn and Francisco Reyes They endanger their persistence.

There is no approved project The station must wait until the contract expires, so that it will not be renewed, as reported by the media.

Rodrigo SepĂșlveda, the director of the station's content, confirmed La Tercera Since 2019, the only television series will be performed every year.

This time TVN was expected release it in the afternoon Love or die This week, but so far, They did not issue a release date.

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