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Twitch channels most viewed in 2018

Years ago twitch It is among us, allowing players and content creators to share their experiences differently, to show their skills and interact with the entire community around them. However, the 2018 platform has undoubtedly been the most attractive year.

This year there are factors that have the most beneficial platform, one of which definitely has its own name. Fortnite, the main game of the birthday game, is another, and the third legally illegal League League (Second place only broadcasts by the users who speak the camera).

But, of course, those who send here are rotators that move hundreds of thousands of everyday people and have contributed to the Twyz 2017, though, doubled. The main guilty ninja.

Most viewed Twitch channels in 2018 Via Sports Observer

On the list, we can see that Ninja breeds 226.85 million hours. An excellent use, considering that last year the sender was not listed in the 10 most watched channels. In fact, last year's Summit1g was 72.45 million hours under the belt. The difference is absolute and perfectly indicates the growth of the platform.

Source: Sports Observer

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