Friday , November 22 2019
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Twitter Becomes the World Day of Rare Diseases

All day, hashtag #DiaMundialResistances It was trending topic. As every year, this day has been celebrated on the last day of this month, to raise awareness about these diseases in some ways, to improve access to treatments. Men are also suffering and a medical representation of their relatives.

We refer to a rare or unknown disease when it causes a small number of proportional proportions. Depending on each region, this variable changes. For example, Europe applies a ratio of 2,000 per person.

That's why Twitter has received support messages. "We help all those who suffer from my minorities and those who suffer from unusual illnesses, they stop, and do research in medicine, they can be corrected one day," says the user.

Others take advantage of it, so it does not stay in one day, but this is done every day: "Today is the World Day of Rare Diseases, and we must remember that rare diseases are not the people, with many strengths and It encourages us every day to fight any of these. "

Although some of the most important institutions in the country have been helpless. One of them was La Caixa Foundation. In this case, they offer a personal story to give voice and face to the protagonist. "We have to try until the last day." # WorldDiabetesRaras, Belén Zafra, the mother of Sanfilippo's syndrome, tells us in the fight against this disease, to protect her cause from sharing, "she can read in her corporate account.

Other accounts are used to describe some diseases classified as "rare" to find out more about their symptoms and achieve them: "#Merquio syndrome, bone problems, can cause major health problems, such as swallowing the spinal cord at the top of the neck and can harm it, causing paralysis. "

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