Monday , October 18 2021

Twitter launches a new button to change timeline


Even in the beginning Published by Twitter in chronological order, Then he set an algorithm I selected the tweets that were first shown and highlighted the most important of each feed.

Today iOS Twitter users can touch a new icon-Positive Spark Emoticons – in the upper right corner of the application Check the last tweets in your timeline, instead of changing it in your configuration, according to BuzzFeed.

Feature version Websites and Android users are "expanding in the coming weeks". The company anticipates the deletion of the setup option launched in September, because users can not participate in "best tweets".

The default chronology view, called "Start" It is still sorted by major tweets or what you think Twitter wants you to see.

The new timeline feature is custom. For example, If you visit more recent tweets that you add, Twitter will keep you in chronological order. But, at least early, sometimes Twitter may return its timeline to an algorithmic view.

It also includes the function direct access "View Content Preferences"The Security feature allows you to review revoked words and blocked accounts. He joined the company for the first time "Best Tweets", Some people who believe that Twitter's algorithms make tweets think they want to see at 2016 at the top of their timeline.

The algorithmic feed timeline has been designed So many of the commitments that popular content was not lost in the transmission.

Although Twitter has claimed "People are more relevant and useful to the Twitter account" when they first show "best tweets", acknowledge that people like to see the latest tweets.

Twitter launches algorithms on the timeline, users have reported it seeing people who do not feel tweets experience disturbed their time lines, and more people who follow follow-up answers.

In October, the company announced The Spark icon tried to change between Start and the last tweet. Keith Coleman, the company's leading consumer products, said in the test, those who use the change icon have had "more Twitter" and have participated in conversations.

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