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Two months without Tamara: an impotent fight against oblivion. | national


The teens read, absorbs, sitting on the bank of the Bío Bío river, the sun slows between the hills that surround Chiguayante. This is perhaps the last image by Tamara Zurita Ortega on the 25th of September, a 21-year-old girl disappeared two days later in the photo.

"Regalona was with us, she was tender, cheerful, like hugs, dressed up as a hug for the streets, and she was worried about her friends, trying to solve the life of all her friends," says her mother, Lorna Ortega.

"That's why it was a subject of Telethon, he helped him. He was in the past summer, helping him, but now he's a permanent volunteer and he's done it. I worked with the child to learn how to use wheelchairs and he was happy," he tells us.

He practiced Tamara karate, football, dance, zumba, was always in some activities. He freed the career of the Physical Trainer, because he intended to learn and work on Concepción Nursing.

When he proposed to work with his parents in the south, considering the complexity of finding jobs in the area of ​​health, he completely disregarded the idea.

Although in his high school years, he did not want to go abroad for six months. "Do you want to leave home?" He ironically said.

But, on the other hand, one of the causes of Chiguayante accommodation was the active participation of the "Discovery of the Holy Spirit Against the Youth" (EJES).

"I did not even get Tamara the next day when I was AXES, I said" no, sleep, sleep, "and I stayed home," says Lorna.

Tamara Zurita | Has been assigned to BBCL
Tamara Zurita | Has been assigned to BBCL

Almost lost 200

Its name, like nearly 200 people, keeps PDI People's Position Brigade in the list of missing people who have updated their website.

Every day the police receive complaints about the loss of the public and the percentage of positive results, despite the civil police, is reflected in 90% of the cases resolved 24 hours before the alert, the percentage of these characters is still unknown.

According to Manuel Fuentes, head of the General Personnel Brigade Brigade (Briup), the disappearance environment and circumstances are diverse.

However, there are reasons for the age range, and children under 18 will voluntarily leave their homes to school, rebellion, drug addiction and intrafamily violence, among other things.

Then, in the middle of the ages of 18 to 60, for example, work-related problems, depressions, civil problems, images that may cause extinct people, their own will or third-party participation.

In the case of older adults, there are diseases directly related to age, such as Alhzeimer or senile-dementia, disorders that cause disorientation and, therefore, the risk of losing it.

"It's almost 100% effective, and in some cases it is a voluntary abandonment of the house, people are disappearing here, but most of them voluntarily abandoned the house for different reasons," says the commissioner Fuentes.

"However, there is not a small percentage, due to various variables. People who appear to be dead, depending on third-party intervention or accidents, are suicides or other circumstances," the official added.

In the list of people who are not yet, Tamara Zurita is young.

"Every time I go across the river, he gives me something … But I know that Tamara is not there."

– Lorna Ortega

Great unknown

What happened to Tamara? Andres, his father, is silent for a few seconds before hearing it, perhaps for two months and that is why there is no explanatory reason.

"I declined, I had to do everything, Teletón, AXES, the next day was his mother's birthday and he had the first trip to the teleworkers,
He could have a problem, he was very sad, but … he wants to kill himself? I refuse anything, "he stressed.

"And he went according to his will, he does not persuade him. He took something like a scarf, a jacket, it was cold," he added.

"Tamarak is supposed to kill himself, I do not know where it comes from. I want to ask the prosecutor as to where it comes from, but I do not think it," said Andres.

In search of answers, his younger sister wrote in the network of readers and writers called Wattpad, many people made their own book reviews and published their own texts.

Desahogos de una escritora, in love, tells a close friend who loved one of the writers, but unfortunately he had a relationship with her relationship with another person.

"… I'm wrong, seriously, but ironically, in the case of" love ", I am more angry than a friend. Actually, I have to take part of my love with no problem, I realized I did not smile, while another was happy, but I feel tired, I feel the life of someone who was in front of me, perfect for me, but I have a lot of such problems that I could not and could never have been, someday Night changed my world to turn around, I was happy, happy month Until it appeared … "

Although he changed the name of the main character, his family is clearly the one who was Tamara dear.

However, for them there is nothing to do with extinction. Although expert reports showed that the latest mobile data exchange occurred at 7:25 p.m., surely, Nicolás's closest sound to WhatsApp's audios.

"We started looking into his notebook and was in love with Tamara Nicolás, although he always said that he was a friend. They were in contact and Nicolas covered a letter, where they did not hinder the current relationship and apparently did not get it delivered," says Andrés Zurita .

Immediately notified

However, prior to the suspicion of disappearance, the PDI will not present the alleged complaint of expected inconvenience.

"The complaint should be done as soon as possible, it was the myth that you had to wait 24 or 48 hours earlier, but this is not effective," Commissioner Fuentes emphasized.


In the case of Tamara, her parents complained about disappearing after three hours.

"That day, he went to the Tamara office, asked an ophthalmologist and told me he was reading the park, and when I got to work from the afternoon, when he called his day, he responded annoyingly and told me he would come again," Lorna remembers.

"I called him in ten and sent me a message. I sent WhatsApp messages, he came to them, but he never read them. After asking some friends, nobody knew, and immediately we realized that something was wrong," he adds.

Soon afterwards, Lorna Andres was called to explain what was going on, and therefore, when they arrived, they went to the river to search, without success. It was time, it was dark and nobody told about Tamara.

"When the complaint was made, from thirty to thirty in the afternoon, Carabineros asked us how quickly we made the notifications and when we told him that we had only met Tamara, he warned that he would not stop or if he came later," says Andrés.

According to the PDI, once the complaint is made, the immediate investigation protocol is activated when relatives and close friends are located, if you contacted them and go to the place where they often go. Get the most out of your background in the first person of 24 hours.

In most cases, in most cases, it is possible to find places, even if the positive results are not achieved, the PDI sends information for the prosecutor.

"There is a lot of research in the supposed illusion of Concepción, for example, but the number of people that are located is high, but the second part of Concepción is, there is an alleged unexpected investigation," explains Fuentes.

Solitary place

"There was already a dog watching some ladies walking," says Lorna. "She watched a girl sitting with a headset, and talked to her, but she was not listening to Tamara through headphones, and there were two groups of youngsters, who were like fire and only saw the girl and saw a car," says Lorna.

"These groups have not been found, there is no camera, no car, no truck or car," said Andres.

In the middle of the concentration, some young men saw a similar girl, and the man who suspected the party was still sent to Candelaria in the district of San Pedro. But without asking the boys to go to the sector, they wanted to return. According to Tamararen parents, the prosecutors investigated this track, but for now they do not give details of this information.

"Briup (People Location Brigade) and BH (Homicide Brigade), Carabineros, OS-9, have been checking and registering, they have done their job," they emphasized.

"I wanted to kill him, I disapprove, it did not fit me. Although Nicolás's problem was not enough, he wanted another thing he wanted, he had so much pain, he never said he had something with Nicolás, he wanted to get away, but called he said, "says Andrés.

Alberto González | BBCL
Alberto González | BBCL

"The relationship between the prosecutor, the curator and lawyer tells us" they are doing things ", but what we do not know yet, everything is very close", recalls Andrew.

"Cabreron, a girl named Belén arrived at Concepcion, was interviewed and was the only area of ​​nomination. She started looking for Chaitén, where she was on holiday with grandparents, but there are things that are questioning," he says.

"Things are doing so, so it is not necessary to repeat Matute Case, there has been a lot of errors, which is why the Public Prosecutor's Office is so close," says Andres.

How long do you need to look for?

The list of extinct people in Arica-Punta Arenas comes from a record from January 1994 to a few days ago.

When an unfortunate report is made, a commission is generated nationally, for example, when a person gets a procedure to get a document or if it goes away from the country. In addition, the person dies and the General Body refers to the Legal Medical Service.

This request is always in force, regardless of the period of research managed by the Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office. However, the PDI continues to seek a lack of people, and in order to find a new record, the Public Ministry opens the investigation again.

"We are with crushed arms because the NGOs want to help, I do not know where to look, the prosecution does not mean where to go," said Tamara's parents.

"This creates impotence, because it's nothing", they regret it.


"His piece is intact, I have not done any cleaning in these two months … It's amazing," says Lorna, with her sad voice violently.

"I am most appalled that this is an eternal case, because we have been aware of the people that have been in the years," he added.

"Two civil servants were in two days, two policemen worked, but when the contact and friends' network began to pressure us, we were not a family of resources, and in all cases it did not happen," they explained.

In this regard, they can thank friends' networks, finance their search operations, and understand their workforce to adapt these facilities to their schedules.

In this sense, they tell us that they seek an unjustified opportunity for people without financial resources. "There are mistakes, there are many protocols that can perform three or four-day searches to make triangular aerial telephone companies," they say.

"People Location Brigade is only in Santiago, and it is necessary to take them to the districts. The complaint goes beforehand and the procedures are done, the better," they say.

Social networks, double sword sword

According to PDI, the use of social networks has two effects, therefore, the relative availability of people with extinction is relative.

"They are people who appear through social networks, especially because they are too used by young people to get in touch with their friends," said Commissioner Fuentes.

However, this information on the Internet is essential and it spends time and resources.

"Social networks can not identify any of the information that is unreliable, and we have to verify the police, and it's a lot of time lost due to research, especially in cases of public connotation," says official.

The same thing happens with the so-called "psychics" to send the information that is often sent to a family.

"We work in technical scientific research, we do not do with psychics, mentalists or anything. We do not wonder if this family has the freedom to acquire this type of information, but the police only focus on scientific-technical research, which evidence leaves us the theory or work hypothesis." du Fuentesek

Tamara Zurita | BBCL assignments
Tamara Zurita | BBCL assignments

Zurita Ortega's hope

"I adhere to faith, I hope it appears, I pray every day. According to his own path, I leave my heart openly and say, I have not spent bad days for his parents, grandparents, rather than bad times, says Lorna's eyes full. tears

"In the case of a death, you can call your loved one, your displeasure, but what is unknown or uncertain is what is happening, where it is, is alive or dead, they have kidnapped, what they did, when they were killed, he intended to kill them They all go through their heads, and that's it every day, "he says.

"I do not give this my worst enemy, because uncertainty is every day," he adds.

I want to see Tamara For me, my heart tells me that Tamara is well, she's alive. Sometimes I enter the ground, but the forces are saying "no, we are looking for him," says Lorna, who has broken his voice.

"I know life, I must fight to prevent depression fall, and we can not fall because we have another daughter," he reflects.

Tamara Zurita | Facebook
Tamara Zurita | Facebook
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