Saturday , May 8 2021

Two new Hantavirus cases were confirmed in the south of the country

In the last part of the Ministry of Health of Chubut, on Saturday, two new cases of the Hantavirus Cordillera cases were confirmed, with a total of 28 infected and 9 dead.

According to official communication, there is a hamlet of El Maitén, a hospital in Esquel, and another person from El Bolson, transferred to the Bariloche Hospital Hospital.

"28 positive cases have reported that the epidemiological link is linked to the emergence of Hantavirus located in Epaïen", reports.

The Mayor of Epuyu, Antonio Reato, has reported on Saturday that the presence of police officers in the province of Chubut has increased due to the insulation they need to be forced by those who are under observation and those who have direct contact. Judicial Judge Judge Yesterday, Judge Martin Zacchino.

"Time is difficult, but we must move forward, and people must ask, we can go ahead quickly," said the mayor.

Epuyén accepts a new day for tourists and their neighbors to be locked in their homes, afraid of a terrifying accident. The Ministry of Health sent to the town told Telamiri that Chinstrap did not only isolate families as needed. "There is no danger in people outside of the open air, in close environments and in contact with infected people," they said to calm the population.

Source: Telam

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