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Typographies »The results of the ISP will clarify the supposed contrast of pregnancy in reagent gantzu at Rancagua Hospital

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Children under 11 years of age were told that their daughter was infected with reactive liver, resulting in a surgical intervention with non-sterilized material from the Hospital Hospital of Rancagua. From the health center, critics went on steps and announced that they were making an announcement and they appeared in the case of Fiscalía.

"On Monday, October 15, the children of the tonsils were operated and the pavilion reported a fracture of the surgical process, that is, the most recent partial sterilization," explains Cecilia Piotrowski's Regional Hospital Director. .

Once the irregularity was detected, the professionals were "informed by the director" and determined the immediate actions with the Health Service. In this way, an administrative resolution was made and the Prosecutor's Registry was made available.

Parallel to this, Piotrowski says, "all patients who had a preventative operation started this opportunity."

Regarding the reactive HIV diagnosis, he emphasized that "reactions are very low and that confirmation is constant" and clarifies that "there is no infection until now".

The professional explained that "there is a tiny gray bar, many people get sick and they have to go to the ISP." For this reason, he stressed for the moment that "no ill is infected."

In the same vein, he emphasized "Everything that means HIV, we are confirming this girl, is negative. All the evaluations have been negative, but in three months we must probably make another sample."

In this sense, he emphasized that "we can not report any infections, until they confirm."

For this reason, in the next ten days, it is expected that the results of a new sample will be sent to the Public Health Institute (ISP) at this time.

"The hospital Hospital Management, in a transparent event, denounced this event, which was not reported to the MPs, to the patients but to the direction of the Health," said Cecilia Pietrowski, who said "Here was the face, it was explained to all the parents of the children They were monitored, we'll do all the actions that parents and children need to be comfortable with. "

Finally, in the Hospital's internal summary, "We will do everything we are studying the whole process of the pavilion", "collects everything related to this process", that is, officials, doctors, all the processes involved in sterilization.

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