Wednesday , May 18 2022

Uber wants to buy Lime or Bird, it is renting electric scooters



Ubera marketed on the market alternative taxi; But with Uber Eats, for example, they also offer an alternative service Deliver it and they are similar. And now it seems that the company is committed to buying a company that is committed electric scooter rental. According to the data that Uber would have bought Poultry or limeThey operate in our country and in other markets as a leader in the sector.

Ubera to find out even more & # 39; Expensive market for electric scooter services & # 39;, as indicated in this report. And the company dedicated to VTC evaluates to buy one of these two companies. In fact, they can say that the negotiations are over before the end of the year. At this moment, Uber would not make a decision on the road exactly, but it would be clear acquisition one of these two companies I would help to deal with borders supply of electric scooters. A problem that had to be tackled over the past few months.

Lime and Bird is in perfect condition to buy Uber and are the leaders in the rental of electric scooters

At these times, both Beehive as a bird Pressure is ongoing money collection Uber has a Lime minimum stake, and the relationship between both companies is closer to Bird. This summer, Rachel Holt, Uberra's New Mobility Director, has already said It's a step-by-step investment and cooperation with Lime (for U) to have a unique opportunity for all transportation needs & # 39 ;. That is, Uber announces Uber's interests to fully incorporate the sector.

At this moment, Bird It is valued at approximately 2,000 million dollars again lime It has the final assessment 1,100 million dollar As far as this information is concerned, Bird is assured & # 39; It's not for sale & # 39;, but this statement could be channeled to strengthen negotiations. Uber and Limes, however, did not speak.

Typed Carlos González

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