Tuesday , November 12 2019
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UC announced eight new home appliances

The crossed groups made an official extension of the multiplayer contracts. Specialty is all those trained in the club.

Gradually Catholic University It takes 2019 on the face. The first shirt exploded, and the crusades announced the use of the Marias Dituro purchase option.

Directorate's intention Gustavo Quinteros It has important challenges. It does not question Super Cup The Palestinian front and phase will move forward Libertadores Cup and defend it Scotiabank Championship.

The Azkarregiarra rings announced the renewal of links with eight players, especially trained by San Carlos de Apoquindo. These are: Ignacio Saavedra, César Munder, Raimundo Rebolledo, Diego Valencia, Benjamin Kuscevic, Jaime Carreño, Carlos Lobos and Miguel Vargas.

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