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United States Soccer Federation organizes Conmebol and Concacaf tournaments

du United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) Explore a new one international championship for the 2020 along with 10 selections of In south america and the strongest combination CONCACAF, On Tuesday, February 26, 2019 New York Times.

According to him publishing, the president of the US soccer, Carlos Cordeiro, send a letter 10 national associations that's it CONMEbOL to work Championship, similar Copa América Centenario of In 2016 this was played United States and that would be played in parallel Euro 2020.

du proposed event It would guarantee about $ 200 million invited groups and confederations Participants, according to Times.

The winner of the tournament would be $ 11 million in the pocket.

du CONCACAFthe governing body that is in charge of football North America, Central America and Caribbean, welcome United States and said that the event would form part of its regional championship Gold Cup.

"We think this is a positive one, because we can not replace or replace it in any future edition Gold Cup of CONCACAF and our member associations allow us to continue competing for football at the highest level, "the bank said in a statement.

Proposal United States Next week will be discussed Miami, a before meeting of the Council FIFA March 15th

du Copa América Centenario 2016 Several cities were held United States to commemorate centennial of the CONMEbOL.

Event 10 selections South American and six hardware of the CONCACAF.

He saw the success of that tournament Chile vanquish Argentina Finally criminalHe was a pioneer in achieving success North American nomination for the World Cup 2026.

du 2020 tournament proposed group stage and a delete round to decide the winner.

Report Report Times However, he said that Konmebol would accept the proposal he accepted states States.

du CONMEbOL is ready America Cup in Brazil, from June 14 to July 7.

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