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Universidad Inacap has received accreditation every two years and its Rector has resigned

In a row for the second time, National Accreditation Committee (CNA) He received a two-year certificate from the University of Inacap, the fourth academic campus in Chile, with 35 thousand students.

According to the ANC, the third party considered the minimum period of the certification for an integrated three verification system (university, technical training center and professional institute). "It is difficult to differentiate the goals and objectives of university projects".

The document also raises an argument to decide how small a statement is Exclusive teachers, considering the number of students, as well as a lack of space targeted at the university, and having authority over three campuses, "Make Difficult Profiles".

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This situation is different Tuna Training Center Inacap, which currently has a seven-year accreditation, the maximum possible term.

With the recognition of the CNA decision, rector of the three institutions, Gonzalo Vargas, who resigned after 12 years.

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Through an expression, Inacap warned that the current Rector has decided to leave the school for "personal projects", and Luis Eduardo Prieto will be appointed vice-president from the 1st of December.

This study house was applauded by civil servants and teachers at Osorno headquarters, requesting requests from 12 November.

Jaime Fuentes, the president of the union, explained what they are asking for your wages "Inacap pays the administration and teaching staff in other places, because it is a very standard organization, and what is done here is not similar to that of Curicó or La Serena, and the basic remuneration is between 20% and 30%.

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