Tuesday , January 18 2022

University of Chile | Christian Vilches: "My time has marked the relationship with Colo Colok U fans"


Christian Vilches, the new reinforcement of Unión La Calera, again U.

Christian Vilches He found the club after his departure Chile University and register La Calera Union, the first frame to play South American Cup. "The technician called me Francisco Meneghini, who I was U. He wanted to say that I had a nice project and I was excited. I have come up with great enthusiasm, "said La Tercera.

At the age of 35, Blues talked about his time and conditioned his relationship with fans. "It was high and low, people greeted me on the street, but I know people who did not like it, and what Colo Colo was playing with U's fans was in touch. It was resilient." He said.

Despite constant conflicts, Vilches said: "Letting go of water and nothing else. U passing it is a beautiful memory. It's always a great memory because it has defended a large group, such as Universidad de Chile. The balance is positive. I had a privilege, the luck of being a champion. I just played it right. I brought a good memory, "he closed.

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