Monday , October 25 2021

University of Chile | Leandro Benegas received Chilean nationality


Argentina's nationality received Chilean nationality in six countries and Frank Kudelka was celebrating.

After the period called "Caso Soteldo" The Chilean University received a good news. Finally, Leandro Benegas received a Chilean nationality and took out a foreign share.

Argentina's aggressor has negotiated a bit of a process, But everything happened in the last hours, according to La Tercera.

The happiest addition to Benegas is Frank Kudelka Now only two foreigners have been in the group: Matías Rodríguez and Jonathan Zacaría.

In other foreign countries, trans-Iranian Sergio Vittor and Carlos Quintana, They almost decided to go to CDA.

And fifth place? For now, it's unknown. Most likely, yes, it will not be Yeferson or Rafael Vaz.

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