Monday , October 18 2021

University of Chile | Rafael Caroca renews and now Sergio Vittor and Carlos Quintana are waiting


Coach Frank Kudelka asked the midfielder and managed the board deal.

Frank Kudelka will be more relaxed in 2019. A coach request, Rafael Caroca renewal, was one of the agreements reached by the leadership and the midfielder will have two more periods in the University of Chile.

Along with these efforts, Carlos Heller traveled to Argentina to collect two components that will bring greetings from Felipe Seymour and Rafael Vaz.

Sergio Vittor, the figure of Concepcion University and Racing corresponds to U, as is the case with Carlos Quintana de Talleres. He finally says that he does not know about the body of the students body, but it is true that his signature in Cordoba's box has its former coach.

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