Saturday , January 29 2022

Unknown destination of Belén Mora Morandé: "Censures us"


We talked a few centuries ago A difficult time with the program "Morandé Con Compañía""Once his two partners were in fire and he was forced let go mythical Ernesto Belloni to make budget cuts.

And who is the effect of this? Belén Mora, beloved comedian "El Muro" who in his career must define himself as an artist and, in this context, This 2019 is not set to continue in MCC.

Morain is the only thing this year, it needs a space that allows you to create its content At least that said on Wednesday, with the morning visit "Muy Buenos Días".

"Their intention is to continue with the company MorandéMy intention is to create a content creation, it would be wonderful for Morandé. When I was in my career, I needed to create content and not just a script and do itThis need is new, "he said in the morning.

But about "censorship"?

One of the last episodes of the comedy, which he starred in in the star program, He was censored in some cases.

"When we did it when we censored Toto Castos, for example, was an extreme right satire, and when we did the studio, he did not laugh, they made strange gestures, but that was also a reaction and they also reacted to social networks. But for a moment they said they were not elsewhere, you realize you can take someone's friend or politician. But you have to keep watch of all the comedy"He said.

Mora was encouraging and ended by asking for freedom: "for me, I certify that they are more than silver, so they have a space for creating content. If I return to a book "I'm Dying" a book, I have to invent the question. "

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