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Unusual! Unicorns are not the image of the imagination: they existed!


Many children around the world put an impressive love in their dream in a friend's mind: a unicorn. But this fairy tale animal is not so much.

Author: Miami Daily Newspaper

A group of scientists revealed In fact, mythical animal Both earth lived and now it has lasted for at least 35 thousand years. Actually, the grandmother's teeth fall, this creature was not so beautiful in cinemas and movies as idyllic, they did not make them colorful or freeze, they presented it more than once, it's the only real thing. Yes, he had It was a great branch of its essential features.

The real unicorn, really, was called elasmoterio, and it was known as "unicorn of" Siberia"It was missing More than 35 thousand years Due to the reduction of the sting that inhabit climate change, according to a study published today.

Yes, it's true, it's not a small animal that floats, it can not do it, it weighs at least 3.5 tons That's why I needed so much food. It was more Asian rhinos of the continent, His extraordinary branch was predicted to be longer than expected, according to an international study, the relationship between extinct animals and rhinoceroses.

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Until now, this animal that lived in the southern regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China was corrupted. Last Ice Age or about 200 thousand yearsindicated a Adelaide University Communication They participated in the research.

du genetic analysis done Old DNA Adelaide University CenterShow that "Siberian unicorn" Rhinos is one of the last single family members.

Siberian Unicorn & # 39; The ancestors of ancestors were distributed among the ancestors of 40 million years of fishermen, said Kieran Mitchell, the author of the researcher and researcher at ACAD.

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