Wednesday , September 28 2022

Uruguay detects the first case of the viscera of human leishmaniasis


Uruguay has detected the first case of leishmaniasis, in a child Jump department (north) "does not present gravity elements" And that will receive proper treatment through "rigorous medical control", The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) confirmed on Wednesday.

According to the portfolio, the most common symptom is the disease fever presence "for no more than 15 days", it is present "Years in the regional countries" and Uruguay has already discovered dogs since 2015, in departments Jump and Artigas (North).

"Once in the dog's presence, human illness is expected to appear", underline an MSP statement.

Likewise, the Ministry acknowledged that it is a pathology "potentially serious"Treat yourself to the treatment of medicines available in the Australian country and treat them in a favorable way "whenever you participate in the right way."

In this sense, it was statedGuide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Control for Uruguayan Leishmaniasis"Published in 2016 and recommended by the population Quickly search the doctor for suspicion.

In the end, examine a group of epidemiology "returned to the area (Salto) to carry out research and coordination activities for the authorities and departmental technicians," including the leishmaniasis mosquito transmitter search and control.

Likewise, we will look closely at the controlling of the disease controlling the dogs Health Organization (PAHO) and University Faculty of Medicine of the Republic, the most important in the country.

It causes a leishmaniasis Protozoan parasite of the Leishmania genusIt is transmitted by bite infected sandal, and it appears in three main ways: skull (severe), cutaneous (most common) and mucocutaneous.

According to this World Health Organization (WHO)It causes the disease Poor population and malnutrition, bad housing conditions, immune system and lack of resources, as well as environmental changes, deforestation or urbanization.

Leishmania, the small part of infected people, eventually suffers from the disease, according to WHO, which is appreciated Every year, there are 700,000 and 1 million cases and between 20,000 and 30,000 deaths.

The WHO also explains that epidemiological skin leishmaniasis is very complex in the Americas, and there are numerous species of leishmania in the same geographical area. And that adds it Brazil accounts for 90% of the leishmaniasis of this region.

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