Sunday , December 5 2021

“Uy, wrinkles”: Marcela Vacarezka posted a photo of her taking advantage of the sun in Miami and received distributed comments


Marcela VacarezzaSocial media fans were shocked by the new postcard he enjoyed in the Miami sun after Hurricane ETA. Some users did not have a very good reception for his photography. On his Instagram account, the communicator posted a selfie in a bikini, which he wrote next to the photo: AND the hurricane went away and the sun came out at last! Good weekend everyone. The image of Vacarezza was soon filled with praise. The journalist received more than 14,000 “likes” and received hundreds of positive comments from his followers: “Regia,” “Very pretty,” “How pretty,” “Beautiful, beautiful,” “Enjoy the day,” “Part of the woman. Beautiful, beautiful Marcelita.”
However, those who criticized the communicator’s photo did not fail, several users mentioned his body: “This lady is old,” “You’re so thin,” “What a pity you’re so wrinkled, what happened to you?” swimsuit, buy another one, ”among others.

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