Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Vaccine movement Plague Inc has more than 25,000 signatures

The anti-aircraft movement comes from the Plague Incera

Plague Inc A strategy game is your main task to extinguish humanity through different epidemics. It can be a simple virus when mutants end or end up conquering the monkey planet. Now, thank you Change.org requestThe anti-vaccine movement in the game will be a growing scenario. Will the epidemic be spread faster?

Antichrist movement as the protagonist

People talked about it. About one week ago, Eduard Gabrian introduced the motion movement game in the form of a popular signature website. In fact, the developers reported on Twitter, if they had achieved 10,000 signatures, they preferred it. And it was the idea More than 25,000 people accept it When writing this article.

That was more than that Ndemic Creations, game developer. And Neurie was announced as a fun tweet with her pet they are set in future updates. Most likely, the new game scenario or our pathogen improvement.

However, we do not know Android and iOS will only be available for versions. Or they will unload computers and consoles. That is obvious Free movement of anti-vaccine worldwideIt will be much easier to turn off the life on Earth's face. Especially because the transmission will be more effective in rich countries that fight so much against our pandemics.

However, you still have the chance Destroy the human race with all kinds of pathogens. From basics such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, weapons and biological nanobiruses. If you want to create creativity, you can do it too much. Why does not the world control the brains of people who control zombies, vampires and skin?

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