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Valdivia was the best city that lived in Chile, According to the annual study "Barómetro Imagen Ciudad" conducted by "Visión Humana".

Among the 24 cities that are considered in the study, such as Santiago, Viña del Mar, Iquique, Coyhaique, among others, Valdivia accounted for 60% of grades between 6 and 7.

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The Survey's universe was 2,041 people, responding to the consultant's questions on the Internet, including a series The parameters to be evaluated, such as citizen safety, temperature, trade offer, employment opportunities, and some.

Santiago was the 12th place and Viña del Mar, for the first time since the analysis, and the first poll in 2015, lost to the top of the list and took second place.

At the other end of the company, In the last place, Calama was the fourth consecutive time.

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