Wednesday , October 27 2021

Values ​​to be followed this Thursday: BBVA, Telefónica, Inditex, IAG


BBVA The process of analyzing the strategic alternatives to financing self-financing business has begun in Chile, especially through the Forum Servicios Financieros (Forum). As stated by the entity, the alternatives include the sale or partial sale of the Forum, "it means that the process will end successfully". The process will probably take several quarters, as Francisco Gonzalez has pointed out to the regulator's bank. BBVA signed up with a 1.25% drop, below the Ibex35.

Investor eyes are also targeted by phone, divides the ordinary dividend among shareholders of 0.20 euros per share in relation to the results of 2018. That is, the largest investment in the month with the largest investment this month is a company that sells 1,000 million euros in coupons. Likewise, the dividend dividend Mapfre, 0.06 euro per title; and Viscofan, 0.64 euro.

Within the framework of recommendations, Credit Suisse analysts lowered its target price Inditex, Between 24 and 21 euros. The textile group's actions closed at 23.87 euros yesterday, so suicidal analysis forecasts a potential 12% amortization. The Galician company's headquarter has fallen by 2.3%.

Today, it also focuses on investors IAGAfter the European Commission pressures for London, it leaves the air crew behind the UK's EU agreement. In particular, Brussels warns that most of the European Union's capital (British) will lose its right to act on the European market on March 30, 2019 if it has not signed a London-based Brexit agreement.

In this way, the threat can be left on the ground by the Iberia plane that controls IAG, if its capital is at least 51% of the capital, which is at the community level. Airline group shares have dropped by 2.2% in the first steps of the Business.

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