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Vegan food bet with burgers and walnuts

Nestlé SA sees the future of soybeans and wheat protein in unbleached meat. Soon we can help nut walnut with a worm or spirulina latte.

The Swiss company is preparing its biggest foray market: The Incredible Burger, which will be launched under the gourmet garden next spring. While consumers are giving up their flesh, green leaves, Nestle can turn plant-based foods into a billion-dollar business.

There is a big change in one of the world's largest food companies, whose products include sausages and ham of herd. Although Nestlé and its competitors have played a great deal of importance in vegan food for many years, expansion has become more important in a context where sales of traditional trademarks of traditional supermarkets have stopped; Many of them have dairy products and meat, these products are not consumed by Vegan.

Nestlé competes with Unilever and Beyrouth's competitors, such as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, to find alternatives that identify a new consumer to reject animal protein and high cholesterol content. In December, the Anglo-Dutch company devised a vegetarian flesh, The Vegetarian bought a butcher shop. The United States launches burger beef juice to simulate beef-myoglobin.

The Swiss company's plant can cost more than $ 1 billion ($ 1 billion) sales in a decade, Laurent Freixe, the head of the Americas. The percentage of millions of francs has risen now, and most of the 90 million pounds of Nestlé's sales are coffee, bottled water and many other companies. The company says that half of the protein used, including pet food, comes from plants and non-animal sources.

& # 39; Feeding Tribes & # 39;

Nestleri's CEO, Stefan Palzer, has identified consumers who perceive foods that continue to grow foodstuffs of "food tribe" amongst those who continue to eat gluten-free or lactose-free diet. Food giant is particularly appealing to veganism.

"When we analyzed the trend of consumer consumption, we have slightly changed over the last few years, as consumers define a healthy diet," he said in an interview.

Large food companies have strengthened their vegan presence after shopping for the last two years. Nestlé bought Terrafertil's California Sweet Plants from Earth, and Danone marketed some of its brand names by adding dairy products, such as Activia and Actimel, after White Wave bought $ 10 million.

Nestle's research and development center in Lausanne, Switzerland, who study the potential of other vegan proteins. While most dairy products for milk for consumers are now based on soybeans, for example, the company is experimenting with a liquid derived from nuts and blueberries, because it has a purple color. Spirulina algae are also tins.

"Vegetarianism has never been so popular and it is here, I am sure," said Palzer.

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