Wednesday , October 20 2021

Vidal conceded a goal against Messi and Levante: "I was better off, I wanted to keep going" | football


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Capture | Movistar match

As a foreground Christmas gift. This may determine the actions brought by the Chilean last weekend Arturo Vidal Against Barcelona against Barcelona. Beneficiary? Lionel Messi.

"The King" Rosario asks for his "twenty-eight" punishment. San Joaquín was born and received a Uruguayan passport for his birthBut he preferred that Trans-Andea should only push the ball into the net.

After the game, Vidal explained why he did not shoot and sought his purpose, but he decided to help La Pulga.

"We're a team. I think that Leo was better than me I tried to secure the score and the passage, "he said.

"At the end It is important that the goal was won by the team ", Made up of Chile with reference to maturity.

On the other hand, Vidal felt "happy" for the victory, "things went pretty well, according to the forecast, we are very happy with the result".

"They pressed the press, though When we take our hand we begin to play better, we will reach everywhere and we could make a difference, "he closed.

On Saturday, December 22, will receive the Celda de Vigo (2:30 p.m.) on the final official match of 2018.

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