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VIDEO | 3 free books Departures Don Francisco unknown to Teleton

As the "27 hours" of the telethon are not maintained solely in the uncertain and ethical quality of the television, it is not just a mere parade of entrepreneurs who want to appear on the screen, giving proof of the beneficiary cause. Also, space is also available for the moments of scripts.

Chilean musicians ironically overcome the microphone and all the system armed with Telethon. Live darts for animators, companies and even the public, although many critics overcame the laundry. Thank you, Jorge González.

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Don Francisco's request rejected the beloved technical team from the national team to make money and buy products related to cause and encourage people to carry it out. He brings together the experiences of people who have met in Chile during their stay. We remind you, Marcelo Bielsa.

Or singer, Mario Kreutzberger, who has given live and has praised the work of the Telethon Foundation, as eminent and Treating a Italian Mobster, everyone laughs. Whether it was a double intention or not, it will never be cleared, but it continues for the followers. We laugh with you, "Chilean" Mike Patton.

Jorge González

"This cowardice, meaningful businesses, good prices, lower taxes, ads and people who consume, budget support, can really help you with children," he said. Prisoners' boss before "They want money". Telethon 2002.

Marcelo Bielsa

"It is always convenient, but in this case, more than ever, to think or think exactly what it feels to have come from the constitution. All I have seen is destructive but I have achieved full hope, with the people I talked to, it is a latent, horrible and lacerante pain, but they are already being rebuilt and really rebuilt, "said Marcelo Bielsa Don Francisco, who donated the people. Telethon 2010.

Mike Patton

"Thanks to you, Don Corleone," Faet No More thanked Kreutzberger for taking his hand and ringed his kiss, remembering one of the classic images of the Italian mafia. Telethon 2010.

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