Monday , January 18 2021

[VIDEO] Are Sebastian Yatra and Tini Stoessel together?

The rumor at the beginning of the love between the singer Sebastián Yatra along with Tini Stoessel they grow more and more. However, he was in charge of revealing the truth about the Argentine singer's presence with the Colombian.

A few days ago, the two singers released their second song video "Cristina" engraved on the mountain Valparaiso. In the video you can see the chemistry of the pair and the good looks together. Then, artists do not upload images together in their social networks. That's why the host of the FOX program had asked Stoessel for his camera camera yet. real

"It happens that we are speculation that we are not together or not … we are not a boyfriend" said the singer.

On the other hand, Yatra He dubbed a duplicate pair with a video. "I love a lot, it's a great person, a very talented girl, with a huge heart, so thank you for everything you always do for me".

In addition, the Colombian singer recently participated Vine Festival, He explained the details about the small accident that he had on a motorcycle, recording the video in the V region.

"I hurt myself, I had a huge explosion on my knee. Sebastian is very clumsy, he wants to take the cup and throw it off, he does not do it right. It's very clumsy, but it's lovely "Stoessel explained by accident.

What do you think they look good together?

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