Wednesday , January 26 2022

VIDEO | Full-time Golden Globes, HBO's Game Of Thrones & # 39; SonarFM released the first season last season


The first published records to be the result of the epic series.

Give it to him HBO Credit: Your eyes will be noticeable elsewhere. While he was half the world Gold BalloonsTV will never lie. The first real look at the new season Thrones game.

No, it's not a teaser, for example, but in the midst of the HBO program that summarizes 2019's training programs, what series will be based on novel novels. George R.R. Martin.

In one of them, you will find the first meeting Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen, With Jon Snow returning to Winterfell, while they are preparing their strengths White Walkers & # 39;. You can also watch a short "Night King" on the dragon of the new zombie, with which he rolled the North Wall and launched Westerosi.

It's known & # 39; Game Of Thrones & # 39; It will return in April for almost two years. We do not know about the day, but this has affected us.

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