Wednesday , May 18 2022

Video | Kramer puts Piñera to the end of Teleton: "you will be unknown"


The custom marked by the police, Stefan Kramer, commander of the Telethon 2018 closure day.

The show of comedy shows a video of the imitation of the Pasapalabra series, the president Luis Miguel and Sebastián Piñera.

"I wanted to come to the program for some time now, but my consultants would not leave them: you will be ignorant, they told me," the first sentence was imitated by Piñera Kramer. When the imitation of the Americans appeared on the screen, you can listen to photos and prints.

In addition, the routine was reviewed by the Mapuche conflict and Camilo Catrillanca's murderer. When Piram's image was imitated by Kramer, he asked him what he would do when he won the award, "He said he could not buy GoPro cameras," he said.

Check out Kram's routine below:

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