Monday , May 29 2023

VIDEO: They meet the gas clouds that surround the supermassive black holes


A group of scientists from different countries, Germany, USA and France, have studied the Quasar 3C273 for the first time Milky Way galaxy to accurately measure the mass of its black hole in Nature's journal.

To investigate Quasar, specialists GRAVITY & # 39; virtual & # 39; They used the telescope in the Paranal Observatory in Chile. An instrument combines four telescopes, which are equivalent 130 meters in diameterto detect and observe astronomical objects with precision and full resolution.

"They reveal our observations The gas clouds are centered around the central black hole"Examines Eckhard Sturm, the author of the study, at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (Germany).

Also, researchers have published a video with the artistic representation of the black hole, where they surround the gas clouds while absorbing all of the material found in it, in the middle of the galaxy. The place known as the Quasar phenomenon.

"The information on the movement and the size of the area around the black hole in the area are key to mass measurement," says Secretary Jason Dexter. Scientists have tested for the first time testing this method The mass of this black hole exceeds 300 million times the sun mass. In this sense, astrophysics expect GRAVITY to expect a special tool to measure the mass of other quasars in the future.

"This is our first matrix galaxy, Milky Way" in the nearest space for analyzing and analyzing a supermassive black outer hole, "said Reinhard Genzel.

Scientists emphasize studying black holes and calculating their mass to understand how the galaxy evolves.

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