Sunday , May 9 2021


This afternoon video on Friday began a video on social networks Motorists will have dangerous maneuvers against the woman driving the vehicle in the Providencia neighborhood, although they press on the back of their vehicle.

He was in Conquistadores, around Bellavista, Nicolás Hernández, when he had heard about the change, after the female woman was harassed He stopped his car in front of him Confirm what happened, but he made a serious mistake: He left the car without a handkerchief.

The car driver who maintains the conflict with the driver when the light traffic changes green, Hernandez's car was pushed and 200 meters later he stopped. causing serious damage. "Could not use" according to the person involved

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"I argued for a woman if I had a daughter and I would not want to do that, but I did not imagine that the rider would move forward, I pulled the bumper too much and I did not have a car insured. "

Thanks to the video recorded by women, young people affected have been able to obtain vehicle registration data and have reportedly been charged with Carabineros "I hope that something will be paid," he concluded.

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