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"Violence against women against another woman"

Over the years, it's hard to not make a distinction between the actor Benjamín Vicuña and Carolina & # 39; Pampita & # 39; Ardohain in 2015.

Their relationship was in the midst of infidelity rumors, as the Argentine Prime Minister found Sex with María Eugenia Suárez.

But three years later, Suárez "China" He broke the controversy around silence and spoke with the newspaper La Nación to give his version of his work.

The actor asked her that she was a female, she had a woman, and she told her that she felt she was a scandal. There was no sorority with the modelMany have since taken sides.

"In my case, it was different because women's violence was against another woman"Began Suárez, who defends rumors about his name.

"A lie that is installed penalty. I'll tell you elsewhere. But hey, time takes all places in its place, I have a clear conscience, I'm happy, Benjamin separated and shameful that it was so much a lie, and a person who has suffered this has said so. We really know that this was not the case, "he added.

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