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Visa: Black Friday purchases grow in two-digit Latin America



Visa Inc. introduced Visa Analysis & Analytics (VCA) study, a strategic vision consultancy for Visa customers. This shows that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday's purchases have been growing year-on-year for Latin American and Caribbean countries every year. In terms of seasonal purchases, e-commerce is increasingly important for Latin American and Caribbean Visa holders. Compared to the 2017 season of 2017, there is a 6% increase in virtual purchases.

According to the study, in November 2017, purchases of Black Visa cards on Friday increased 12% compared to the consumption of Black Friday in 2016. On the other hand, the Visa cards made for Cyber ​​Monday 2017 were purchased. It increased by 11% compared to the previous year. Among the countries with the highest growth in Friday, Consumers are Chile (59%), Colombia (22%) and Peru (21%). Meanwhile Cyber ​​Monday's highest growth in consumption is reflected in Chile (63%), Panama (35%) and Peru (16%).

Black Friday, 2017, the largest billing categories were large department stores, electrical appliances and gifts, such as jewelry, clothing and clothing. The Cyber ​​Monday 2017 books and electronic purchases that were increased.

"Bisa's technology and experiences offer an analysis of consumer trends to our client partners, to upgrade and improve consumer payroll experience this day and during the day," said Javier Vázquez, Vice President of Visa. Consulting and Analytics for Latin America and the Caribbean.
According to the study, Black Friday on Friday was 18% in November 2017 during that month. More than 15% of purchases made during that day were made through e-commerce. While purchases of this season show that e-commerce is rising, the physical channel remains the main channel, the consumption of Black Friday over the last three years, averaging 1.6 times Cyber ​​Monday.

"To be able to buy the Visa card holder and to be flexible in order to buy it in a physical store or online", said Javier Vázquez. "Since the payment method is essential at the time of purchase, these preferences reinforce innovative payment methods that improve the consumer's experience," he continued.

The use of Ordu Black's debit and credit card tendencies
Black Friday in 2017, visa bans increased by 16% compared to 2016. Countries, such as Chile, Panama and Peru, increased their debt usage by 40%, 35% and 19%, respectively.

For the countries studied, Visa's credit card The average price of purchases made for Black Friday in 2017 was 6% higher less than the average monthly income of the year. The total volume of sales is 69% on Friday, compared to November sales.

Visa Commitment is still working and renewing payment methods, the Visa card holder can make payments faster, safely and conveniently, regardless of the purchased channel, except for physical or online stores. .

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