Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Walmart launches its first auto car rental in Chile with 100 stores

It has been launched in several weeks First 100% self service in Chile, Through the Los Leones in Bilbao, located in the Providencia neighborhood.

"Our company continues to be the biggest transformation in history," says Express Lider Format Manager, Nicolás Undurraga, in the statements contained in the Diario Financiero.

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In his view, the public's response was very good and he emphasizes Auto Service Express Lider's location has been the key to the receptionBecause it is located in a "diverse" client area, it helps keep track of consumer behavior in different profiles.

Image source: Diario Financiero

According to what he had said, Self-service model will only be addressed to the multinational expressive expression, and hypermarkets are not considered today. However, they certify that the human resources of these establishments are not compromised.

Until now, the Los Leones store "There were no changes to the premises assignment, because the excellent response made by our clients has reinforced other operations, "said Undurraga.

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