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Warriors and Kings set triple marks


SACRAMENTO, California. – Combine with Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings NBA record 41 triplet Saturday night 127-123 Oakland victory over the Golden 1 Center.

He played the first NBA game when both teams had at least 20 demonstrators; Warriors got in the 47th minute and the king won 36th in 36th place.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr was delighted and said his team knows that the new league regulations have fired from one distance to another.

"It's next to see, right?" Kerr said about the anti-team abilities. "Everyone who tripled, the only thing that seemed to be a simple offensive to the two teammates, was the problem that had fallen tonight, when we went back to the ball, it was 3 or a bit. In the game, I thought we were sorry I got everything, we wanted to move the ball We did a good job, but we got 29 points from our profits, many of them were triple. "

Warriors and the King eclipsed the previous triple pre-record 40, set in February 2018 at the game Minnesota Timberwolves (19) and Cleveland Cavaliers (21).

Warrior star Kevin Durant said he did not think he would have 3 points in the fence he had seen in a league in the last 3 years.

"It's fast," Durant said that it was the current rhythm. "I prefer to play 3-point line, but I think it's a good thing to do, I think many players adapt to the game and play it, but it's not much longer."

Why not?

"Volume 3 only," Durant said. "It's a style of playback, it's a bit like playback, but I think many guys are adjusting games for days. It's fun for the fans, sometimes it's fun for us." . However, it is difficult to see and be harder. But yes, that's why we signed it. "

The king, whose 20 3 set a record of the franchise, summarized 18 games in a change.

"It was a crazy game," said Kings, Justin Jackson, who scored 5 points in 3 points and scored 28 points. "I was sorry I went to court every time someone won 3. This is obviously not a game of all sorts, but it shows the ability of two types of shooters and two teams to drop down. it's falling. "

Klay Thompson, a player from the warriors, said he was "funny", but he has seen how he has changed in recent years.

"A lot," said Thompson, scored three scores and ended with 20 points. "When I grew up, I was seeing a slower pace, because teams like the sun would come by the Nuggets, but in the middle of the game we are at the rhythm of the game, so it's amazing." think We had spent four or five years ago a large margin … Showtime Lakers acted like this, but you have to be in good shape. It's fun to participate honestly. "

Warriors, the Draymond Green striker, former Winner of the Year Defense, has said several times over the years, the flow of the game has changed.

"You can not play the defense league today," said Green. "So, I think that's it [la liga] I wanted it, right?

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry finished with 42 points and tripled 10th in 20th. According to the statistics from the ESPN, the Buddy Hield Guardian ranks from 8th to 13th of the 8th october, marking the first NBA history, and at least eight of the players were made. .

Although Curry and his teammates enjoyed the rhythm of Saturday, Curry also said that the great games appear during that season, they should do a better job of controlling the defensive rhythm.

"At the end of the day, we know we have to win the championship and we did it in the fourth quarter," Curry said. "It's a fun way to play, especially when you're shooting a high percentage, you can shoot the three triples you want, but shooting a great percentage on both ends, tonight, it was crazy, any break or lapse or decision making, someone he should shoot ".

ESPN helped Kevin Arnovitz with this report.

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