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Warriors gold lose shine

Oracle Arena could not understand what was happening. At first they thought it was a similar force, after a few minutes and the force was torn. LeBron James visited the Golden State for the first time with the NBA Lakers. And after the game, Warriors did not have a good memory.

In the end, the striker 101-127 was not surprising due to the quality of the visitors, despite the passing of James's injuries in a 21 minute court. It's surprising that the news of the NBA champion in two-year-olds already shows symptoms of an out-of-season campaign, although they have great places, Steve Kerr's worst season of the season. With this victory, Warriors cut 11 games without losing the Los Angeles team.

Debates featuring Stephen Curry and DeMarcus Cousin, low level, and Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have been witnesses to the unknown game of Oracle Arena. In the current season, Golden State lost four times at home and more than 20 points in November and December. Milwaukee, Oklahoma, Toronto and Lakers were the executives. "The victory was to win here and it was difficult to swallow something", Curry was summed up in Christmas. As Kerr coaches in the previous four years, the fall of this difference has been two.

Warriors won 13 victories, both home and away, with more than Kerr in the 2015-16 season, but lost on regular stage in the regular season. They were close to 15 people who were 15-15-15-15-15-15, where the champions were crowned. Of course, calmly, it is far from the 24 parties that could not be won last season, of which there are also monarchs.

The end of the year is not good for the Golden State. In the last two months, today's worst tournament has been. His worst wins were four games until the Trail Blazers won.

Players who have suffered internal conflicts and warriors suffer from rumors. Some options for losing inappropriate weather have not helped the champion's climate. Of course, the drama of the internal elimination: "This situation is more difficult than this past year. Part of all this, we will overcome, we are improving," said Kerr, who has experience.

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