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We expect 8 games to enjoy Nintendo in 2019 | technology

Almost two years after its launch – March 2017 – Nintendo Switching It has become the true whale of gaming giant games.

And no one has a mystery that Japanese companies have lost a lot of industry in recent years, especially due to the lack of sales. Wii U.

For the last time, Nintendo has shaken the market with important games Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and Super Mario Party, 2019 has given us many surprises.

In 12 months, we can only see the exclusive Grand N console titles, but we can also enjoy other third-party consignments.

Want to know what these games are? Here's a list of planned ones.

1- Super Mario Bros. The new Deluxe

release: January 11

The first release prepared by Nintendo for its fans came this Friday.

We say Super Mario Bros. The new DeluxeThe full version of the original game we have seen on Wii U.

This time we can enjoy the expansion New Super Luigi 2, in addition to introducing a new character. Along with the above, it has Coin Battle, Boost Rush and Challenge modes.

2- Travis strikes again: no more heroes

release: January 18

Travis Touchdown recognizes Japan fan of animation and video game in the hospital and the majesty Travis strikes again: no more heroes.

This time, the protagonist of the series will play various games with multiple challenges, which must be eliminated bugs on the way

With his arms Beam KatanaTravis will be able to survive in the world of different titles, ending with each of his bosses.

3- Yoshis Craft World

release: Spring 2019

Mario's loyal friend will not be able to leave Nintendo games soon.

He will make a beloved dinosaur Yoshis Craft World, side scroll platform title.

If you are one of those who do not want to play alone, you will be happy to find out how many co-operatives are compatible.

4- Fire Emblem: three houses

release: second semester

After releasing a Fire Emblem release: Wii Radiant Dawn in 2007, we did not have a saga game in the console (only for laptops).

Electronic Entertainment Expo will be announced (E3 2018), Fire Emblem: three houses They will be directed to four protagonists; Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.

This is Tactical RPG The traditional tour adds new strategies for fighting strategy.

For example, when a player manages a unit, the big troops will move with him to help him fight.

5- Mortal Kombat XI

release: April 23

The residence was inside Game Awards when it was officially announced Mortal Kombat 11.

Along with this preview, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios presented a bloody and trash trailer.

Unless you have more details about the game, its developers will have a new system Personalized people variationsto customize fighters.

6- Sonic Racing team

release: May 21

If you are a lover of racing games and, above all, beloved Sonic, this game is definitely for you.

Developed by Sumo Digital and distributed by Sega, Sonic Racing team It will have 15 characters of the 15-year-old blue hedgehog universe.

The installment mode includes game modes, such as "Adventure Mode." You will also have "Story Mode" and "Team Racing".

7- Eternal doom

release: not confirmed

Bethesda's latest E3 announced the first-person shooter's new classic saga episode Doom, which follows the story of Doom Slayer character, which is now completely destroyed in a world.

The game is called Eternal doomThey will be placed on the ground that invaded the original game's demons, as they have finally broken all the barriers that avoided their return.

Developers of the game will have new abilities, weapons and demons that have just been mentioned, which is why we can expect a new one.

8- Final Fantasy

release: not confirmed

For company's delight, company Square Enix announced franchise titles Final Fantasy Nintendo will arrive in 2019.

Final Fantasy XII: The Age of the Zodiac It will debut at the Nintendo console, other deliveries, such as Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10 and its sequel, will receive newer versions.

For now, we do not know how to launch specific dates, even if the news were later.

It is expected to get another 2019 games Pokemon RPG and possibly a new delivery Metroid. However, we do not access the list because we do not know much about these deliveries.

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