Monday , May 16 2022

"We have classified South American news and we took news about the departure of Tapia"


The left said "they were happy", but Tito's greetings announced his focus.

Gabriel Suazo was the only one to speak before Colo Colo's defeat. "The game is defined by small details, although it is controlled by both parties. They were also temporary. This result is due to inattention in the group. It is necessary to look forward and see the positive side, when everything was ranked in South America, "said CDF.

Of course, he said "Colo Colo was very irregular, he showed Libertadores things but not the National Champion. We have to work and improve ".

After talking about the departure of Tapia and Black and White, the hole was clear. "We had a South American title, we were happy and we had nothing to do with this news. It's not easy to find out that the technician is not going on yet. We tried to concentrate and it was not given, "he said.

In the end, he offered the words Titus. "Thanks in advance, he reached a complex moment in the Liberators, he knew as he progressed, we had one last point. Wherever he went, it's incredible, he's a great person, "he concluded.

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