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We have put a maniac computer in the Marie Kondo program to see Netflix. You think this

In order, I'm a maniac. It's not a pose or a way to talk. As I am pleased, I remember. If you move my office with me and carry a two-centimeter pencil, I know you've moved. That's the level. Well, Marie Kondo does not believe that everything you tell her.

If you do not know Marie Kondo who is, keep reading. If you already know if he is a fan of his program, you can change the paragraph. Next, a short summary to be updated. For a week, social networks share comments about the new reality called Netflix Request for Marie Kondo! (Tidyng Up with Marie Kondo). In the program, Marie Kondo's request and organizational expert advisor agrees with the help of a family of serious problems of order. It's something like Extreme Makeover: full reconstruction, but only the order of the house. Not in reforms.

You should see Request for Marie Kondo!? If you have any questions, you'll be able to fix it quickly: yes. The program is fun and you learn some things about demand. Certainly, if you are happy when you see people in the eyes of those who raise their eyes, there is less science than inspirational content with a less-developed conference or the embarrassment of others is very sensitive, this program is not for you.

Order, disorder and coexistence

Something told me that Marie Kondo's show did not like me, and after seeing some chapters, my suspicions have been confirmed. In future, I do not have to deal with this problem or seem to be very rational with its method. . Miss Kondo is not only dependent on sympathy and love but makes sense of what things order. I accept what (learning order is good), but not how, why or with it. We will go to the first point.

I said, above all, that I'm a maniac in order. In short, I mean that they have chosen a place to store a thing and always put it in the same place to fall for the snow, rain, shine or nuclear bomb. Also, I am obsessed with the visual order of things, located in space. I can hang more or less the drawer while I'm looking for it, but you'll move something on the shelf and see it with me. Everything is the cause of myself. In this sense, Kondo method for sorting categories seems to me very important. It's what I've got in a natural way.

When I lived alone, that meant that my home decorated a magazine magazine. Fortunately, for my mental stability, I live no longer alone. When I live with my wife, my nephew is studying three years and my daughter in Germany. My wife is clear, but dizziness does not look like a dizzying image. In short, it is mentally healthier than me. The niece is pretty organized for teenagers. My daughter, like every three year old man, is an inexhaustible creation of chaos and disorder. As a result of this combination, my home is sometimes ordered, sometimes it's not like that, and sometimes it's a mess. My criteria is a permanent disaster.

And I do not care.

I do not care because I tried to do the same task and because they found the same thing necessarily. Sometimes, chaos is good for delight, sooner or later, it is best to enjoy it in good order. On the other hand, imposing the obsession of other people's orders in most cases would not be possible for their lives. You need to get to the point of consensus and relax.

Disorder is not a problem, it's a symptom of a problem

Second, rather sharp phrase with Marie: why order. Marie Kondo's program, like a good show of reality, follows those who order things in your life. Well look, no. Over time, order and confusion are nothing. Symptoms are like fever. You must descend down the fever and the fever. You will feel better, but you have not cured the infection. The house reflects every moment our mood. A depression does not require a cure for his depression according to the home. He always keeps busy and he feels that he will regain temporary goal and control his life. It's good, but it's not enough.

My desk is not a photo order. It's always like that.
Photo: Carlos Zahumenszky (Gizmodo in Spanish)

If you do not have time to order, your problem is not absurd, you do not have time, and the solution is to think about spending your time, and it's an extension of the section dedicated to the request. Do you think organizing things is not fun to spend time, you have a serious attitude attitude. That's the only thing I can agree with Marie Kondo. Sorting Zen is sitting in the garden and combing stones around you. It's a relaxing and very mechanical activity that is time-consuming. Likewise, it is a very fruitful activity and it can be a great fun to review your memories or collect treasures that you do not remember to recover your life.

I do not agree with Miss Kondo, you need to throw away everything you do not do well. I have experience because I am a machine. If I do not use it every year, I throw it away. If it is on the ground, I will throw it. If you have more than one week away from your site, you can dispose of it. My constant obsession is to optimize time, and everything I lose is an obstacle, so I throw it. I throw everything out.

If you do not succeed, it's a mistake

"The idea of" not happy "is the problem, by definition, happy today, tomorrow is not happy and vice versa. What you do not need today, tomorrow you will need. For this reason, it is applied as a lie to a hotel's feather as an object that is relative to the dead or the hate. If you think you are overcoming your loss, this object may have a memory of that aspect of your life, even if it's just now seen. It's a foolish idea that Paulo Coelho himself (who detests him) is very foolish in saying that you need to throw away everything that's not happy.

I laughed when I cried out in bed, when I worked in a wardrobe or when I threw an object I was sad. The clothes that you did not have this year could be the style of the next year and they would die for the recovery of a leather jacket in college, but I did not do anything. I'm an ox

Our brain is based on our minds, memories and memories. The reason is that time is perceived linearly (memory before and after) and that becomes wise. It is forgotten to overcome it, it forgets that it is ignored, and, apart from it, it is a perfect plot of land for bad decisions. There are things without occupation in space and things that are not desirable, but it is not necessarily a matter of ignorance, and "happy" is the worst case ever to make a decision on domestic demand. WE DO NOT HAPPY, MARIE. HAD THEY WOULD LIKE IT. I WOULD LIKE ANYTHING, BUT, MY MUST BE DONE, DO YOU KNOW?

The underlying problem is that we have too many things, because we do not buy too many things we need. We often spend too much money, but buying little things that are happy for our shopping activity, rather than buying money instead of buying a piece of furniture. In this sense, Request for Marie Kondo! The disease does not resolve, it only reduces fever.

I have not even accessed thirty books with him alone. I do not agree. My library added to a low shelf. Take a single book and you are dead. Of course, I've repeatedly dropped the bad books. Bad, not old

Photo: Carlos Zahumenszky (Gizmodo in Spanish)

These people do not need any need, they need a therapist

"Who" came to us. I have a serious problem Request for Marie Kondo! EI have the same problem Supernanny, The Dog Whisperer or My cat from hell. All of these things start from a supposed problem of a child, dog or cat, and the sleeve crosses a cross with almost magical powers that educate the current beast, this is not only.

In Supernanny, the problem is not the child. Parents are always Only the attitude of the child is the consequence that parents are educators. Dogs Dog Whisperer There are never problems. Owners do not control discipline or education, nor cats My cat to hell. in Request for Marie Kondo! The problem is not missing the house or space, technique or time. It's people

Image: Netflix

I really like the people who defend Kondo program to say they love the "Entity Porn". That's a lie!

Request for Marie Kondo! It is not porn organization. It could be porn organization If Marie had gone into a house, she wanted to make a mess and only to plan it with silence, without speaking to anyone, and without explaining how the house ended. Request for Marie Kondo! this is Porn misery Or, if you prefer a real period: the embarrassment of others.

It's the same way Porn misery like programs My addiction is strange. What do you see seeing the program that people think that you are much more disorganized than you do, and that it has far more serious problems than you? As Agent Smith rightly said, "humans define their reality as a species through misery and suffering." In other words, we measure happiness based on the misfortunes of others, and no one reassures someone more than a person who catches a disaster.

Improving the inspiring message, "you can not" and the "happy" speech is a great combination of audience success. Marie Kondo gold is a gold dress in such a small society that we need a small Japanese, let's say that the sock drawer is a wonderful mess. Marie Kondo's paradox is great, if at least I'm thirty books, none of them would be.

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