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"We needed to win and we did not create a scoring situation" »PrensaFútbol


Sunday, November 25, 2018


Chile's coach Frank Kudelka held a draw on Sunday at his swimming pools and Sports Iquique on Sunday at the National Stadium and, as a result, he secured a scuffle fight but at least assured him. I enter Libertadores.

On Sunday, November 25, at the National Stadium, the Chilean University could not get the Iquique Sports National Championship current penalty and got the only draw. This concluded that the match against the National Championship fell, but assured them of the next Copa Libertadores. Thus, the Argentine coach said that the team did not face the circumstances.

"We had to make a win and we did not score a goal – nerves made a dent. We were a practical and simple team, without flashes, but we were looking for the intention and now we were not. We were very attacked, maybe we got more ball. But we did go back, "said the press conference after the match.

"We are very static, with no technical skills and we did not have the strategy of attacking the bands, I wanted to achieve it, I changed it, I changed it, but it was not the creation of the game. There was no technical wealth in other respects," he added.

After winning the next Copa Libertadores second place, Kudelka said that this achievement is not enough. "We have achieved a third place, but I do not have enough. We did win today and we did not. You have to be up to date and when we were not there, you have to be honest, it costs us the defense of matches, it costs us costs and this has been another" , he emphasized.

When David Pizarro retired from the midfielder, he said he would be a major loss in the next season at the National Stadium. "A big luck, but with particular decisions, it has an irreplaceable technical wealth," he replied.

When it was over, he made a short, seasonal analysis of the season, where he never knew how powerful a team was. "I think that we are fighting against our resources today, we never had a brilliant team, but our success chains have led to the hope of the title, including the loss of other groups that were above us."

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