Monday , August 15 2022

We will tell you how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the great bet for Nintendo


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo's final bet on the year, will be on sale on December 7, and has been able to break records of the game and allow some users to find out more about the game.


Screen capture can be customized in the Pause menu: there are some filters and frames that can disable impact effects, which enable "spin button" and "frame frame". She knows very well what she says. These are confirmed frames and filters:

Frames: CinemaScope, Cinema, Art, Pergamino, Canvas, Concentric black lines, Concentric white whites, Lorea, Black stars, Black paintbrushes, Paintbrushes, Black logos 1 and 4, White logo 1 to 4.

Filters: closed, intense, clean, green, scarlet, shadow, sepia, retro, soft, comical, manga, blackmail, two tone (black), two tone, two tone (white)

More details about Troop Smash and Smash have been shared:

Squad Strike has three chances: The first chance is a constant battle that continues with the victorious victory ("Fighter after KO, the next fighter will appear smoothly"). The second chance, the winner, allows him to start a new battle with the fighter, and the loser will change another fighter ("The winner will start a new fight with the next opponent"). In the end, we have from each other, after changing the game for two players for a different fighter after each game ("when each pair of fighter matches, the winner does not have it").

Total Smash: The first is a final battle ("In each battle battle, although not reappeared!"), He continues fighting until the winner decides ("Total Smash can not be recovered"), and finally, the last chance is a whole battle (" Maximum battle number of the gameplay ").

Some Mii outfits have been removed as regards previous shipments: at least Mega Man, Sonic, Monster Hunter, Tekken and Geno have not dressed.

Snake codecs are back but Super Smash Bros. It seems only for characters that appeared in Brawl. That means Super Smash Bros. Creating new characters layers that did not appear in Brawl.

Show all the spirits: here's a whole list.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimat has 1034 songs: Dataminers has confirmed a total of 1034 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate melodies to listen to our Nintendo Switches.

Wii Shop Channel Super Smash Bros. song It will be Ultimate. The mythical Wii Shop Channel is one of the 1034 songs mentioned above, but unfortunately we still do not know how remixes make sounds.

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