Years ago, the amputated "ghost members" have been a mystery, because scientists around the world have attracted attention. It was a moment to think psychological phenomenonfruit Sorry for the sad body. However, it has been discovered over time manual mapped amputee Measuring brain activity in the patient is similar to people who have not lost this part of the body. In addition, some studies show that "movement" of the amputation arises brain activity amputated

So what would happen if all of these are used to create prosthesis that responds to the body's amputated movements? This question was asked by a group of French scientists, Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et Robotiques, Aix-Marseille University and the Physician and Repossession Regional Medical Institute.. The response was a prosthesis phantom limb movements, so that patients, as explained in a newly published study Limitations on Bioengineering and BiotechnologyYou do not have to bear it No surgery or previous training.

Credit: E. Montalivet 2018.

When the ghost of the Phantom remains

About 75% of amateur It has the ability to "move" your phantom limb. They affect these movements Stump muscles developed contractions Before the amputate were not connected to the joints. The result is similar surgical re-connection It is done with some prosthesis, but in this case it occurs by itself and without surgery.

75% of the amputees have the ability to move phantom limb

This was designed by these French researchers algorithms They recognize the muscular activity that precedes the Phantom movement of the limb and reproduce it in prosthesis. Two tests have been made at this time Patients with transhumeral amnesty and, as you see This video has been very successful. In all cases, it was not a stomach but rather a prosthesis next to her. However, they are managed by patients Hold and release the objects in the testamentin a few minutes Device knowledge.

This study is very positive for two reasons, above all. On the one hand, it involves the launch of a new type of prosthesis. more user friendly. In many cases, those who need training require patients to be frustrated, as they may be frustrated before giving up. On the other hand, the results confirm that they accept other scientists neurological explanation for the ghosts look like members and that should be well studied, to get that interesting and beneficial for those French researchers.