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Weight ratios – El Mercurio de Tamaulipas


The measures are general, but we will continue to need attention and better life

There is a serious problem: obesity has killed a lot of people in the world and Mexico is one of the worst affected countries.

Some scholars say that there are 7 or 10 people who are overweight or obese; In children, we are almost identical, in this sense, there are many children that attract giant children and jowls, who are currently able to diagnose among modern chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.

Excessive gastronomy is a risk of increasing the size or pound we can take with us at times that are very common and commonplace.

It's time, as we know, to carry out actions and avoid preventing other diseases: the best way to prevent many diseases is to predict incidents.

Alejandro Garcia Barrientos, the subcontractor for the promotion and health promotion of the Ministry of Health of Tamaulipas, stresses that we need to do a lot of work from home or work to improve life quality.

Remember that the health programs in the intensity units that are in the unit, which does not have a problem with Tamaulipas, have no problem.

Keep in mind that, among the priorities established in the current administration, health plays a fundamental role, which is why it has paid special attention.

Meet Glory Molina Health Secretary of the entity's instructions to make every effort to prevent chronic diseases by winning this giant, not winning the organization but in the country. and the whole world.
In this sense, they prepare some strategies, coordinated with different levels of government, to create positive numbers for the health sector. All of them are healthy, with no problem.

For this reason, there is a need for a lot of work promotion, nowadays children, young people, adults and all kinds of people are immersed in the use of mobile phones or platforms when browsing the Internet, excluding exercise and nutrition: a new strategy is needed for recreation and to get to the places of recreation. And we must put too much weight here, now "here" to the good excuse to say here and to control their body, life and their actions.

And, in any case, they will reinforce the actions that should be sure of the institutional changes at a national level, because Tamaulipas will play an important role in reducing and working with obesity to tackle the problem. overweight

It is not an easy task, and Dr. García Barrientos knows that it continues to build a more aggressive and stronger strategy, which means less weight, to a lesser extent … Health welfare.
The challenge is great. However, it is well known that in the entity, people are willing to face and we are looking for forecasts to get a better life, looking for and asking for their daily routine.

The measures are general, but we continue to need care and improvement, although this group has an effort, which is essential in this difficult period.

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