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What are white holes and why are their polemical existence? BBC News


The universe was horrible at Ying Yang.

It has mystical sounds, but it's a good way to understand the relationship between famous black holes and their reality brothers less known, white holes.

From black holes the news is commonplace and explains how they are created and how they behave. However, they are somewhat called as apparently helped by their partners and act like them … but yes the opposite direction.

"A black hole is a place that can be accessed, but you can never escape," says Sean Carroll, physicist at the California Institute of Technology, in a New Portal article. "The white hole is a place, but you can not go You can never go back".

White holes are the exact opposite of black holes. Instead of swallowing all those who are approaching it, it is constantly working throwing and repelling the problem that overcomes its limits.

White holes help us understand the mysteries of the universe.

In this way, it is easy to understand white holes, but they only have a small problem: We do not know if there are any beyond mathematician commissions.

That's why they are controversial: something can not go counter Physics laws?

Two sides of the same coin

For now there are only white holes calculations There were once black holes between physicists and astronomers.

"White holes are theoretical models accessory black holes ", prosecutor Edward Larrañaga, professor of International Astronomy Astronomy in Colombia, tells the BBC World.

"He carried out mathematical operations of equations Einstein It is made up of white holes, "explains Larrañaga," but we still do not know a physical process that is creating a white hole. "

Albert Einstein
Einstein's equations are white holes.

The phenomenon of verifying the existence of white hole exists, for instance, impossible negative gravity when things go downwards, or that time is interrupted or going backwards.

But it is impossible that scientists do not seem to be discard in all its existence.

"The white hole is a reason to suspect solve a mystery: what's up in the middle of a black hole, "he wrote recently in the portal New scientist Marco Rovelli, physicist at the Marseille Theoretical Physiology Center, in France.

"We see scary things about black holes and then fall. This stuff crosses the surface of the hole," horizon "or not the return pointafter fall? Nobody knows ".

For now, white holes are only in mathematical calculations.

This enigma is the key to some theorists arguing that the bottom of a black hole can be connected to a white hole. "Wormhole".

"In theory, you can insert the black hole, go through the holes and leave the white hole," explained Larrañaga. "But physically there are conditions that are so extreme, and the force of gravity is very high crumble Before Crossing Wormhole ".

According to experts, white holes may be the same black hole, but in the future or as a source "dark energy", What makes the universe spread, but, in general, today's mysterious mathematical volcanoes have cast more questions than answers.

Until now nobody has seen them, but as Rovelli writes, "it might be heaven full white holes ".


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