Tuesday , January 18 2022

What are you looking for in Chile in "deep Web"?


The Internet is far more than expected. With a similar shape iceberg experts describe the levels presented on the web, where The surface is what we all know and where we sail every day.

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du Deep internet it's invisible We are not connected to the search engine we are using. This hidden ice area is divided into two parts: Deep Web and Dark Web.

In the Deep Web you can find content that violates the lawdrugs and weapons like traffic, murders and child pornography. Meanwhile Dark Web You can find the most obscure videos on the Internet.

To access the darkest internet browsers Tor, platforms that open doors for the deep web site Measures necessary to protect personal data.

Due to the massive use of this hidden portal PDI cybercrime brigade manages to collect it Most Chileans tend to be more prone entering the dark mesh

According to La Fourth, child pornography That is, what is most demanded, that is, far from the reality of the world, where it also takes its place.

The computer iceberg shield is divided into two: Deep Web and Dark Web.

There are tutorials in the second place hack bank accounts. During the purchase drugs, like marijuana seeds cripyIt is the third place of preferences.

du show figures nations fill fourth place because users expect intimate photo or personal data from the show's characters.

In the end, black humor or better known content goreYou can see the content of people with injuries or accidents, it is located in fifth place.

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It should be noted Deep Web This is a very dangerous land, especially if you have no knowledge of the information protection and accessibility risks.

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