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What did Maite Orsini really say as a political act of violence? | national

"As a person has been tortured and killed, as in the whole dictatorship in Chile, it is true that people have the right to defend themselves, you can not ask yourself to massage themselves, they can not deny a fundamental human right, as in the dictatorship, It should not die. And this is not only the left one, but also Christian humanism, which is ethical and sensible. "

Thanks to these words, the deputy Maite Orsini made inquiries BioBioChile After the article published by La Third, "Maite Orsini evaded the political claim for political action in the session," which indicates the parliamentary statements of the House of Representatives of the Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples Committee on December 19.

As a result of the explanation of the vote against the force presented by deputies Diego Rafel Schalper and Cristóbal Urruticoechea, as opposed to the violence against the project, finally, 7 votes were rejected by 6 against and they were incommunicado. Establishing a new article in the Penal Code that "promotes, justifies or defends violence by means of any political action or action will punish the smallest criminal record, medium and 40 and 60 monthly tax units."

Against this, Orsini was arguing that his decision was the only one of the seven opposition members, and in his session he stated that the changes proposed by the RN "did not indicate the context", although "contextual contexts are a valid political action".

"When you're in harassment and when you're torturing and dying according to your thinking mode, I believe that it is justifiable to defend itself as a legitimate defensepolitical crime of action So, in this context, in this statement, I think it is not appropriate, that's why I vote, "he emphasized.

After publishing the article, at 1:00 p.m., the critics began to work on social networks. While some were criticized, he co-authored the title of the author or the French-speaking congressman, together with the speaker Gabriel Boric, in September, along with the Ricardo Palma Salamanca striker, Jaime Guzmán, the UDI founder, and others defended.

These voices featured the column Teresa Marinovic, although the positions of the opposition were completely opposed, "Maite Orsini he did not claim violence as a method of political action. He defined, in very specific contexts, that violence is necessary in the field of self-defense. "

"Orsini is not a fan, because this distinction is a different trial of Jaime Guzman's assassination, than Pinochet's attack. And I do not claim the second one, I believe that the context can lead to some nuances," he added. "The interpretation of what he said is wrong," said Marinovic.

Commenting on other networks, the editor of the article, Ximena Soto, head of the U.S. Deputy Assembly Deputy Head, told reporters.

Again false: in the race against Vallejo

It was the second consecutive time with Orsini, which disseminates erroneous information or fantasy interpretations in the media and social networks.

On Wednesday, Gonzalo de La Carrera considered Radio Farmakulace to file false accusations against the deputy Camille Vallejo (PC). This was marked by the pedophilia to protect.

In particular, after discussing a Twitter message, of course, from the fake news source, which said parliamentary explanations.

Especially, Vallejo never mentioned the quote in this text, the image of Simone de Beauvoir, with the support of the thesis on the use of the parliamentary t-shirt with a historical nature of feminism, which were published by other websites to publish fake news – Pedophilia acknowledged.

Later, he received numerous comments and criticisms, questioning the authenticity of the publication, the radio director postponed the post. After that, De la Carrera offered a few minutes to forgive what happened, "Camila Vallejo did not say that pedophilia was entitled to recover right, I decided to know that forgiveness was false."

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