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What happens when you eat 2 a banana a day


Bananas are very popular food, almost everywhere. In the land of 107 countries, they are the fourth most valuable crop in the world.

They are sweet, cooked, dry and slightly green. They are very good, but ice cream, cereals and yoghurts are very good. Bananas are one of the healthiest tapas that you can eat, it's just enough to forget how much nutrition you get.

But what would you do if you eat two bananas every day? See the good health of this habit, good and not so good

Bananas are potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6 very healthy. But they are not recommended for people with certain conditions. And as we know, we will know how much they should eat one by one.

What you get in two bananas

210 C alloy
900 mg potassium (24% CDR)
54 g carbohydrates (18% CDR)
6.2 g dietary fiber (24% CDR)
28 g sugar
2.6 g protein (4% CDR)

You will also receive this percentage of CDR for these essential nutrients:

Vitamin D 2%
34% vitamin C.
2% iron
40% vitamin B6
16% magnesium

So what will happen to you every day?

You will have a breakthrough in your daily dose of potassium

Many of us do not know how much potassium is in the body, because we do not know exactly what it is.

Potassium is one of the most critical nutrients, because it is used in all cells of the body to function properly to create an electric charge. Potassium is also essential for maintaining cardiac stability, maintaining healthy blood pressure and releasing insulin when necessary to regulate blood sugar.

Recommended daily dose of potassium in healthy adults is 3,500 -4,700 mg per day. Some other factors, such as lifestyle, can cause the recommended amount, so you should talk to your doctor if you are not enough. But the banana banana is approximately 900 mg, so it's a good start.

It helps you maintain healthy blood pressure

You will probably know that too much sodium is a high-pressure risk factor. What you do not know is that the balance of sodium and potassium works to control high blood pressure.

The process is based on the kidneys, which controls the blood pressure, depending on the amount of fluid stored in the body. Your kidneys filter the blood and add extra fluid to the glucurine bladder.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Every diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important to minimize the risk of cancer, without adding salt, sugar, coloring foods or chemical preservatives.

You will increase the health of your heart

It is also important to achieve proper balance of sodium and potassium for heart health. Recent studies found that at least 4,069 mg of potassium per day had been administered to reduce 49% of the risk of heart disease, less than 1,000 mg.

You will calm your stomach in your stomach

If you are ever going to the doctor with a severe stomach condition, you are probably advised to follow the BRAT diet. BBAT Diet, English, English, Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Short Bake are the basic foods that are easy to digest.

Bananas are excellent for maintaining a stomach and digestive system, as this potassium helps stabilize the balance of electrolytes. Fiber also helps promote regularity. Report by 21

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