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What is it and why is it called?


Astronomers fans and observations of heaven begin with interesting news. From January 20 to 21, there will be a lunar eclipse, but nobody has it. What we see is baptized as a supermoon of the blood of the wolf. But what is it and why is it called?

Gizmodo explains that the astronomer calls the "moon of the moon" a phenomenon that occurs when a moon eclipse occurs and the satellite has a dark blue color that crosses the Earth's atmosphere with clear blue.

In addition, a "super-" prefix is ​​obtained, which will be very close to the Earth, specifically, perigee or the nearest point (about 365,000 kilometers).

And the wolf? This year, according to the Native American tradition of the Algonquins tribe, the first moon of the year is called "Luna del Lobo". This supermoon of the wolf's blood will be visible on the American continent.

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