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What is the Nvidia RTX ice tracking and why future technologies will last in the future

The latest video of the Atomic Heart has been taken into account since CES 2019 It is still the key to our technology ray stroke (or in-space radiography), thanks to complex algorithms, makes it possible to display clear references and reflections and refractors in a fairly different way, it is very different in film industry.

Xataka's friends commented on Gamescom in 2018 as a result of the new Nvidia GeForce RTX, it is not the same as mathematical calculations based on a fixed scene, although large computers process "farms" and display 3D images in a way that changes our pace. You do not have to be an expert in knowing that multiplying your order in your video game, because you do not know what powerful new graphics cards are.

Awesome, yes. But it's too early

110119 Rtx 01

The result obtained by those who have tried to test this type of technology (not cheaper, by the way: RTX 2070 costs more than 600 and RTX 2080 Ti is greater than 1,200 euros). "There are also diapers in the video game sector" to make the performance excessive.

In a video game like Battlefield V, it started to run at the 1080p of 139 fps without RTX, up to 65 fps until it reached a low quality RTX. However, if we want to enjoy the benefits of this technology in all the awards, if we want to play 4K performance. DIVE took a month to launch a patch to improve the experience, but their numbers were far away shooter without the revolutionary technology of the beam.

For what good is it to see the detailed reflection of the enemies of the second half of the Second World War, the refresh rate on the screen moves so much [dramatización] A pre-consecutive FPS console? In the end, it allows you to choose fluency and disable RTXThere are at least more games for this technology (depending on the group), and at the same time there are more games that are hand-held, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider in mind. ever closer Subway: Exodus or the future Atomic heart.

At the visual level, this technology is very impressive, as it raises the level of realism Next-generation appearance (that's it), and it's just about everything related to reflection, refraction and shadows.

When I tried it alpha In Battlefield V PC (without RTX) and then I looked at the latest version of consoles (without RTX, logically), I was surprised by the quality jump between these two entertainment systems, because it is able to handle many modern equipment, not only explosions and structure The collapse of certain, thanks to the Frostbite engine, as well as those that fall asleep on the screen. If we add a technology team ray stroke, all levels of detail should take into account several more variables.

Because they are not talking about predefined reflections or shadows, but this one more than what we would see in reality, which is why it is very complex when it is done in real time.

Why is it so much with today's equipment?

110119 Rtx 02

Think billiards balls. We went to the white and assumed that it is moving (assuming that it is sufficiently clean and bright) the balls around it, taking into account its different colors. To date, this has been done more seriously, to say (unlike) Pool Nation FX and similar) ray stroke It is constantly calculated by moving it, it needs a lot of calculations.

this, Extrapolate games with water effectsComplexity is complex, because of the refraction of the light of this liquid element, because movement does not move from its own nature. And we are not only talking about minor transparency, and the image that can be seen in its background is distorted, as well as the restoration of the light on them. The newest demo technique atomic heart is something that recreates spectacularly.

Nowadays, all technical demos are not the ultimate product, because it is a "orchestrated choreography", because everything is a nice look, an extra calculation that would manage the random movement and interact with the environment, especially when interacting with hostile or simple people when playing AI. The charge is different, radically much larger. That's why a sandbox It does not look so spectacular a corridor game … if you do not go there mods.

Because of that All this technology is as strange as utopia You have to move around so much. Going forward, AMD recently announced Radeon VII, the first 7 nm architecture GPU, to compete directly with Nvidia RTX. And since it is more competitive than the 2080 GeForce range (it does not reach 700 euros), we are still at the full cost if we want to take advantage of the very limited cost effect and not take advantage of it. All games are of 4K interest and other sections, of course.

He reminds me of the most demanding industry Crysis First use of Far Cry's CryEngine version, now taking advantage of Windows Vista's DirectX 10. If a PC allows Crytek's work, it can do anything.

It's a sensation that we are talking about the technology that is taking advantage of the great advantage, as we are guinea pigs as we were, so that the teams can manage these calculations in real time. game experience

What to do now If we are not passionate about technology and we do not want the greatest possible reality, it is better to wait, taking advantage of the titles ray stroke and the cards that offer support are significantly reduced, since it is currently not affordable. We know how the industry is progressing (although it has never been found before) and from here one year or two, it can change many things. Patience

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