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What would happen if an asteroid attacked the Earth? NASA will make a simulation to find out what will happen


As far as extraterrestrial threats are concerned, you are never too careful NASA and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency, due to English acronyms), do not risk.

Both agencies, together with some international groups, An asteroid, kite, or other Earth object (NEO) is simulated by what would happen to the planet..

This type of natural disaster It is not very likely to happen, but it would be disaster if it really is a rare opportunityNASA said in June 2018.

du Both US agencies collaborated with international teams, such as the NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO, for its English acronyms) to understand NEOS of Awareness space European Agency and the Asteroid Alert International Network (IAWN).

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It's a drill

Simulation next year, the Congress of the Annual Defense Planet will take placeScientists all over the world come together to discuss "threatening objects" on the Earth. In fact, an asteroid will take part in a fictional scenario that impacts on the Earth.

du NEO's Jet Propulsion Laboratory NEO Study Center (CNEOS) He developed a fictional premise.

This is a painted image: it's March 26. Astronomers discovered a dangerous Earth NEO. After continuing an asteroid that doubled in 2019 PDCs, it says that in the year 2027 it could mean that it could cause 100 impacts on the Earth.. (Scientists have established these probabilities as a section of action). What will emergency management officials and scientists do?

"These exercises have really helped us in understanding the planetary defense community, what our colleagues should know about disaster management"Lindley Johnson declared the official NASA Defense Plan in a statement. "This exercise will develop more effective communications between us and our governments."

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It makes perfect practice

To date, NASA has made six similar NEO impacts. And since NASA can continue to investigate the possible locations and their effects in the least possible way, the orbital movement patterns also show that more accurate predictions can arise if there is a real threat.

In December, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission eventually reached Bennu's asteroid. He will spend two years studying. Looking at the near-Earth asteroid, scientists want to see more information about asteroids that may cause them, as well as how the planets have started and how they started.

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