Thursday , June 8 2023

WhatsApp update can bring tranquility to its users


The recent information was recently deleted WhatsApp updateThis way, notifications will be displayed your phone is locked.

Depending on the portal WABetainfo, which specializes in filtering information about news, updates and changes to the instant messaging application Notifications with popups and previews to make them more practical to facilitate their functions.

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This new feature can cause problems for users Text messages would be displayed in a pop-up window and videos would have a preview (playback without sound), even equipment locked

In fact, it can be clarified by users who want to protect privacy Videos can be watched by a third party If your phone needs to unlock it.

According to WABetaInfo, considering the famous application videos for notifications for any peak installed in version

WhatsApp I would also prefer itThe utura update has the possibility to delete any of these previews in terminal installed in the application.

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It should be noted A video is already circulating in social networks like Facebook and Twitter In the case of non-beta users, You can preview the videos already. It does not show everything but it's enough to know what it is.

Updates "sexting & # 39;It is sending and receiving messages, pictures, and erotic videos.

Depending on a survey NGO National Campaign, 850 young people, who have admitted and sent 54% sex material through WhatsApp.

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51% of women, They were part of this survey, This kind of sex material was sent under the pressure of the partners and only 32% of them said that they shared sexy multimedia content. When completed, 36% know it's common to share photos or videos with other receivers from other contacts.

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